It all started with my desire to support my younger brother

o nás

I have a brother, who suffers from hearing impairment. I am a little bit older than him, and I hope that higher age also brings more maturity and self awareness in my case. On the other hand, I often see a younger version of myself in his behavior, or some of my past behaviours, from the time before my life experiences sculpted me into an adult.

Big plans

My brother is very ambitious and his head is full of clear life plans – buy a flat, go on holiday regularly, make millions and enjoy his life. I didn’t help him to find his dream job on principle, even though he anticipated my help and advice.

During one of our family gatherings we decided to go and see a factory owned by our uncle. My brother immediately got excited and shared with me his desire to start to work there. The prospect of my brother working three different work-shifts for few thousand crowns a month made me dizzy. What would his future prospects be like? I didn’t fancy his chances. This was the moment for me, which triggered a new idea in that I decided I had to do something to help him.

Job for my brother

I had a dozen ideas about what business to start and how to make money. Eventually the winning idea was to produce healthy drinks. Before I got us both heavily involved, I searched in detail all the information about starting a new business, all the difficulties and obstacles which one needs to overcome and also the potential advantages of employing people with disabilities.

I did not waste any time and contacted and advisory agency, which could help me to register the company and also how to use a subsidy which was available. Since company incorporation takes weeks and we needed to meet a deadline for the subsidy application, I was advised to use a company which sold ready-made companies. Perfect solution, I thought.

O nás

Crazy prices for the provision of registered office addresses

I got in touch with this company immediately. They asked me to provide an address, which would be listed as the company registered office address. But as you probably guess, I did not have any address like that available at that moment. So, my next step was to search what provision for virtual office addresses, the market had to offer.

The cost was a shock for me. The cheapest price started at 600 CZK and they rose to 2 000 CZK a month for using the virtual office address as a company registered address. I couldn’t believe it and I could not imagine what exactly I would get for this price. In the end I found a lucky alternative. The owner of a building, where one of my other companies was already registered, agreed that I could use his property address as the new company’s registered office address too. All this was perfectly legal and I was much relieved.

Idea to set up my own business

During one of the meetings with my lawyer, I mentioned my disbelief at the prices for renting virtual office addresses. To my surprise he saw the madness of the cost of these services too. All this made me more determined to set up my own firm Ofigo. It would be a company which would help other people form their own companies, or provide them with virtual office services, simply and much cheaper.

And my brother? He is happy, working and pursuing his dream.
I believe that he isn’t too far off it.

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