Luxury registered office address in Prague 1

Prestigious location for businessman who do not need a classic office.

  • Luxury business address in the town centre
    Historic residence Ferdinand Palace at Příčná 4.
  • Postal mail collected and scanned
    We will scan all your postal mail and forward it to you via email.
  • You will manage everything immediately online
    Your virtual office will be allocated to you immediately. Orders received on weekdays until 12:00 are processed on the same day.
199 CZK per month

Thereafter 199 CZK/monthly (invoice issued for a yearly service).

Once the first period expires, renewal of the registered office address will be automatic for another 12 months.


A good address is an important part of a company’s reputation. And few locations will represent you better than the city centre itself.

With Ofigo, you get your company office in the prestigious Ferdinand Palace residence in Prague 1, which has recently been completely renovated. The history of the place dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. It is also unique for its facade with busts of Kings Charles IV and George of Poděbrady.

The virtual residence meets all the requirements of the law and you will have it listed in the relevant register. In addition to a good address, you can also rely on a good company. We check all clients for whom we set up and maintain a registered office.

As part of our service, we will also help you filter out misleading offers and forward all important mail to your email.

Probably the most professional and friendly company I have ever dealt with. The S.R.O was set up in a week for half the price of a competitor who took twice the price and took two months. Considering the Czech situation in bureaucratic matters, I really looked for speed. I was pleasantly surprised by the firm’s interest in their clients even in the form of a welcome pack or a phone call regarding the business, information etc. I would definitely recommend. Cheap and quality!


I use virtual office with Ofigo for several of my companies. What is more important to me than the price is the speed and response to my requests. I book the seat on Wednesday evening and have approval to grant the seat on Thursday afternoon. I don’t have to go anywhere to arrange everything online. Another thing I have to commend is the “survey” of satisfaction. I am contacted regularly by the company to see if everything is in order. For now I am using the virtual office services, if they include another service in their portfolio that I can use I will not hesitate to try it out. I’m sure I won’t step wrong. Big thumbs up for customer care.

Jan Gazdoš

I found the company Ofigo, s.r.o. on the Internet when I was looking for a suitable headquarters for the company. I was interested in the offer, reviews of satisfied customers and the price for services. I can only confirm everything now and I am very satisfied. The professional approach, the speed of response, the way of communication and the way everything went smoothly and simply surprised me very pleasantly and positively. In retrospect, I have to rate the choice as very good and I can only recommend the company highly!

Petr Novotný

For me a great company, fast negotiations, great communication, no problem at the office, I was a little afraid of that, but without the slightest problem.

Honza Šebesta

I think it’s the best company in the business. I would like to see other companies working like this. Reliable, fast and human. I can only recommend them. “Thank you for starting the company and for the pleasant surprise.”

Viktor Peresz

This is my second company with Ofigo. Before that I used the services of another company but after the first company I was dissatisfied with the company, so I was looking for another company and approached Ofigo. I was extremely satisfied with them in terms of communication, speed, professionalism and also price. Definitely the best and the obvious choice for me when setting up other companies.

Viktor Jurčík

As I have only a temporary residence in the Czech Republic, I needed a stable seat for my business, no matter where I live. I chose Ofigo for clarity and simplicity. Moreover, they have good prices. Setting up was quick and hassle-free and everything continues to work as it should. I recommend it!

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