Formation of a limited liability company (s.r.o.)

takes 15 minutes of your time

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S.R.O. formation within 7 working days

You can set up a simple limited liability company (s.r.o.) from your desk. It will only take one visit to the post office.

You will need only 15 minutes and 2 signatures

Forget about hours and days spent dealing with paperwork and obtaining official stamps. Leave all the administration to us.

You don’t have to see a notary, visit the local authority or a bank

You just fill in the basic information and leave the rest to us. Thanks to the online management of the process you can always check the stage your application has reached in the incorporation process.

This is everything you will have to do, if you decide to set up a limited liability company just by yourself.

S.R.O. formation

3 888 CZK

+ legal fees 5 000 CZK
+ registered office address FREE for 1 year

& get a free company registered office address


Choose a company name


Choose your company’s registered office address and the amount of the minimum share capital


Get your 2 signatures certified at the Post Office


In one week everything will be complete

How much time it will take, if you decide to incorporate your company... ... with Ofigo ... by yourself
Complete an online form + certified signature on powers of attorney (POA) 15 + 15 minutes ---
Notarial deed of incorporation (Memorandum of Association) 1 hour
Photocopy of POA 15 minutes​
Extract from the Land Registry 15 minutes
Extract from the Criminal Record 15 minutes
Certification of signatures 30 minutes
Notarial deed filed into Companies House Register 2 hours
Express registration in Companies House Commercial Register
Set up of virtual registered office address ​45 minutes
Obtaining unqualified trade license 2 hours
PR article about your business FREE OF CHARGE After the agreement, we will publish a PR article about your company FOR FREE on our blog, including paid promotion on our social media.
Opening a special bank account for depositing the minimum share capital 500 CZK 1 hour
Company incorporation (including registered office address FREE OF CHARGE) 3 388 CZK IN TOTAL 8 hours of your time and a process duration of 14 days (on top of this meeting 7 officials, Providing 9 signatures) In summary plenty of stress
Legal fees for notarial services 4 000 CZK
Legal fee for a trade license 1 000 CZK
Total price including all fees (+VAT) 8 888 CZK
Virtual registered office address for 1 year
FREE OF CHARGE (normal price 2 388 CZK)


99% customers satisfied

Our clients are happy with us because we are effective, reliable, we save them time and stress. After all ... see our references.

Fast and clear communication

We know what we are doing and why. In the beginning there was simply a need to help my brother with his hearing impairment, to set up his company - and now our business provides services to all.

Fair price

Our processes are well set up and we work effectively and without fuss. Thanks to this we can offer you low prices for our services. No wasted time on long phone calls and we keep the paperwork to an absolute minimum.

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How do I go about ordering your company incorporation services?

All you need to do is click on Apply to incorporate s.r.o. and fill in the form. We will check all the information that you have provided and prepare an invoice for you. Once the invoice is paid in full, we will email you documents, which you need to sign. Your signatures need to be certified at the post office before you send us back the documents. Then you just sit back and wait for us to sort out everything with the authorities. The company incorporation documents will be delivered to you by our courier.

How fast do you incorporate the company?

Once we receive your documents with the certified signatures it will take us up to 7 days to form your company. The company formation process takes its standard legal path via the authorities, but you will gain the great advantage that all bureaucratic and necessary administrative steps will be taken by us instead of you.

Execution proceedings and insolvency

If you are planning to incorporate a company, but the potential shareholder or Director is going through execution proceedings or insolvency, please contact us first. It is necessary for a notary to decide, whether the particular person is legally able to take part in the future company.

Is the price 8 888 CZK for straightforward s.r.o. formation, final?

Yes. We do not keep any hidden costs from you.

Why don’t you offer any ready-made companies?

Purchasing a ready-made company is usually few days faster, however what you save on time, comes back to you as a worry about any legal or accountancy discrepancies. You can’t ever be 100% sure about the company’s history and whether there are any issues, which will surface later. We describe the reasons, which speak against acquiring ready-made companies in detail on our blog.

How do you complete the legal documents, which are necessary for the company incorporation?

One of the necessary documents for a company formation is the extract from the Criminal Record. Our notary will obtain it, for clients with a residency permit in the Czech Republic. Other documents include Power of Attorney and Sworn Statement by the future Company Director, which we will email to you. You will have to sign them and get your signatures certified at any Post Office with a CzechPOINT branch.

The necessary steps for those living in Slovakia or other countries are described in our online hints for company incorporation.

How do you incorporate a company?

If you have a good idea for a product or service, which you would like to offer to your clients, setting up a business is a clear choice. However, forming a company is not a piece of cake; you need to be prepared, especially if you don’t have any previous experience.

As a start-up entrepreneur planning to form a company, you must get ready for several visits to the various authorities offices, a high volume of different forms and hours of your time spent waiting in queues. If you like to work out in the gym, you can use it as an endurance test for your perseverance and determination, which will come in very handy for your business.

What you need to provide to incorporate a company:

  • Deed of incorporation/Memorandum of Association (in the form of a notarial deed)
  • Sworn Statement/Affidavit by the future company Director
  • Extract from the Criminal Record
  • Contract with the provider of the registered office address (known as company’s “seat“ in the CZR)
  • Consent from the owner of the property, to the placement of the registered office address at the property
  • Contract with the bank about opening a special bank account for depositing the minimum share capital
  • Declaration from the assets administrator prior to the incorporation
  • Bank’s confirmation that the funds have been paid in
  • Form submitted to the Trade Licensing Office informing them about the commencement of trading
  • Application to register the company with the Commercial Register
  • Extract from Companies House Commercial Register
  • Form to register the company with the Tax Authorities
  • Extract from the Trade Licensing Office Register

And this was a shorter version of the list.

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