Permanent residence in Ostrava

For fixed price for 10 years

1 New permanent residency address in Ostrava

In the town quarter Zábřeh

2 Scanning of your postal mail for 1 year free of charge

You will receive all your post via email

3 All completed fast from your desk

We sort out all the admin and paperwork

Why would you change your permanent residence address? There are several reasons; thanks to your new address you can for example gain better access to Medical Doctors or a nursery for your children. Other than that, a permanent address change is also used by businessmen and businesswomen in the case of execution proceedings.

During the first year you will also get all postal mail collection, scanning and forwarding for free (this applies to mail delivered by the Czech Post Office). Every additional year the service cost will be 129 CZK monthly. If you don’t want to use this service, it can be cancelled at any time.

We provide the permanent residence address via our sister company Virtuanum, which owns a property in a quiet location in the town quarter Ostrava- Zábřeh.

Trvalé bydliště Ostrava
Trvalý pobyd Ostrava
Trvalé bydliště v Ostravě

4 999 CZK for 10 years

Thereafter renewal for another 10 years for the same price


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